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Every once in a while I will update the featured images on this page. Like and Follow my Facebook Page to view more photographs.

During TEDxALShuwaikh’s event “Sparks!”, September 2017, at Jaber Al-Ahmad’s Cultural Center where I spoke the lessons I learned from reading over 80 journals that I’ve kept from 2003 to the present. The talk was titled “Perception is Only an Ink Stain Away.” Photo by Dalal Al-Doub. 

During Kuwait Poets Society’s Voices and Verses, March 2017, at Artspace Cafe, where I performed “Stagnant.” Photo by Abdulaziz Safar Ali. 

During Gulf University for Science and Technology’s Poetry Night, hosted by the English Club, in December 2016, at GUST, where I performed “Every Shaman is a Poet.” Photo by Ali.

During the International Writing Program’s Fall Residency 2013, at Prairie Lights Bookstore, where I read “Raising Jenna.” Photo by Asma Nadia.